Cloud Services

Decyphertek is a trusted AWS , Digital Ocean, & Google Cloud partner. We provide secure, ready to deploy open source servers on AWS, Digital Ocean, & Google Cloud Marketplaces. Decoding Technology , so you dont have to.

Debian Security Features:

  • Secure Could Servers can include
  • Nginx Reverse Proxy
  • Modsecurity WAF
  • OWASP Ruleset
  • Crowdsec IPS
  • UFW host Firewall
  • Quad9 DNS Security
  • Unattended Upgrades patching
  • Auditd Logging

Flatcar Linux Security Features:

  • Immutable OS – Flatcar Linux
  • Auto-Updating OS
  • Containerized Server
  • Nginx Reverse proxy W/ SSL certs
  • Easily manage with Portainer
  • Retrieves Latest docker images on first boot