3D Printed Graphene Computers

Electronics can be a complicated assortment of various metals and materials across many manufacturers. Keeping it stupid simple, graphene is a superior material in regards to electrical properties, battery storage, and photovoltaic abilities. The simple carbon design can be 3D printed on an atomic scale to a macro-function. Simulating the electrical properties of graphene structures can be done to speed up rapid-prototyping. Integrating light into the graphene circuit can simulate CPUs. Diamonds can be used as quantum central within the light array of the CPU. These graphene computer systems can easily be installed into a self reliant automated robotic system, reducing the bulky electro-mechnical systems, into a 3d printable masterpiece.

3D printed graphene computers can evolve into drone swarms that contain electronics, battery storage, and solar cells all directly printed into the graphene design. These 3d printed graphene drone swarms can contain compound eye cameras that can span the solar system to view onto other planets.